Why should I insure my gadget?

Technology plays an increasingly significant part in all of our lives. Whether it’s a smartphone that’s rarely out of our hands, a laptop that stores all of our most important documents or a tablet that’s become an invaluable travel companion, our favourite gadgets are more important to us than ever before.

As with all the most important things in our lives it makes sense that we should want to protect our treasured devices. Unfortunately the more we use them and the more desirable they become, we cannot foresee unfortunate situations that may occur. This is where gadget insurance from Leisure Guard comes in.

You will be covered against

Accidental and Malicious Damage

You're covered for any unintentional and unforeseen breakages of your device. If we are unable to economically repair your device then a replacement will be provided by us.


You're covered for repair costs if your device breaks down outside of the manufacturer's guarantee or warranty period.

Overseas Travel

You're covered when traveling anywhere in the world up to a maximum of 90 days, in any 12 month period.

Theft (Silver and Gold policies only)

You're covered on Silver and Gold policies if your device is stolen. Where only part or parts of your device have been stolen, we will only replace that part or parts.

Loss (Gold policies only)

You're covered on Gold if you lose your device. We will provide you with a replacement device.

Liquid Damage

You're covered if your device is damaged as a result of accidentally coming into contact with any liquid. A repair will be made or if required a replacement provided.

Are there any excess charges?

Up to £100 UK Excess

Up to £100 Loss of Device Excess

Up to £100 Overseas Claim Excess

The Excess for an iPhone X is £100; the Excess for an iPhone 8 & 8+; A Galaxy Note 9, A Galaxy 8 & 8+ is £75. For all other Gadgets the Excess is £50.